At Boyer's Market & Catering, we offer high quality meats, fresh salads and wholesome foods for any occasion! We would be pleased to cater your wedding, birthday, anniversary, family gathering, class reunion or your loved one’s funeral.

Our professional staff is available to deliver the catering to you, set up and serve, if needed!


Standard Catering

$7.50/person (20 people minimum)

No Substitutions

Roast Beef*


Turkey Breast*


Baked Ham*


Swiss Cheese (sliced)*


American Cheese (sliced)*


Muenster Chunks

Rye Bread

Swiss Chunks

White Bread

Ring Bologna


Macaroni Salad


Potato Salad


Red Beet Eggs


Baked Limas


Or Small Beans



*Picnic Options

Hamburgers & Hot Dogs Replace Cold Cuts

Includes: Lettuce & Tomato

Grilled on site


Additional Items Per Person

Meatballs (3)


Broasted or Barbecue Chicken


Hamburger Barbecue


Pork, Chicken or Beef Barbecues


Hot Roast Beef Sandwich


Sausage Sandwich


Meatball Sandwich


Homemade Soup Priced by Choice

Hot Dinners

With One Meat $14.00 per person

With Two Meats $16.00 per person

Minimum 40 People

All Hot Dinners include fresh fruit salad, meat selection(s), one starch, two vegetables,

choice of pepper cabbage, cole slaw or cranberry relish, rolls & butter, and dessert



Roast Beef

Roasted Potatoes

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Scalloped Potatoes

Roast Turkey

Potato Filling

Baked Ham

Mashed Potatoes

Broasted Chicken

Baked Potato

Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Baked Stuffed Potato

Roast Pork

Candied Sweet Potatoes

Baked Fish

Corn Pudding

Crab Cakes

 Rice Pilaf

Hors D’oeuvres

(Serves 25 at 2 per person)

Buffalo Wings


Cocktail Franks with Bacon


Stuffed Mushrooms


Marinated Mushrooms


Meatballs (Italian or Swedish)




Shrimp Toast


Scallops with Bacon


Deviled Eggs


Caprese Skewers


Bourbon Dogs


Sweet Chicken Bacon Wraps


Roast Beef Roll Ups


Chicken Dijon Tidbits


Hot Roast Beef

$7.25 per person

Minimum 20 People

Upgrade to Mini Kaisers for $0.25/ per person

Thin Sliced Roast Beef in Au Jus

American Cheese

Macaroni Salad

Provolone Cheese

Potato Salad

Horseradish and BBQ Sauce


Hamburger Rolls


Food Bars

Items Per Person

Taco Bar (2/person)


Mashed Potato Bar


Baked Potato Bar (1/person)


Salad Bar


*Pasta Bar


*(Includes 2 Pastas and choice of Ravioli or Tortellini, Meatballs, Grilled Chicken, Alfredo,
Spaghetti Sauce, Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheese, Caesar or Tossed Salad and Roll & Butter or Garlic Bread)


Vegetarian Lasagna*

$24.00 per ½ pan

Lasagna with Meat Sauce*

$27.00 per ½ pan

Macaroni & Cheese*

$24.00 per ½ pan

Macaroni & Cheese*

$42.00 per full pan

Baked Ziti* (Vegetarian)

$23.00 per ½ pan

Baked Rigatoni* (Meat)

$26.00 per ½ pan

Stuffed Shells (Vegetarian)

$27.00 per ½ pan

Stuffed Shells (Meat Sauce)

$31.00 per ½ pan

Homemade Soup*

Priced by Choice

Half Pan Feeds Approx. 15 People (Excludes Lasagna)
Full Pan Feeds Approx. 30 People (Excludes Lasagna)

*Gluten Free Options Available


Steak Fry

Minimum 60 People

Service Included

Grilled to Order on Site

1 lb Delmonico Steak


12 oz Delmonico Steak


1/2 BBQ Chicken 


Includes: Baked Potato, Corn on the Cob, Tossed Salad, Roll & Butter

Party Trays

Tea Sandwiches or Croissants


Lunch Meat & Cheese Tray: Turkey, Roast Beef, Baked Ham, Swiss, American


Ring Bologna & Cheese Tray


Dutch Platter: Ring Bologna, Cheese, Pickles, Olives, Chips, Red Beet Eggs, Pretzels




Small (up to 25 people)

Large (up to 50 people)

Vegetable Tray with Spinach Dip



Fruit Tray with Dip (seasonal)

Large Only


Cheese & Cracker Tray




Shrimp Tray (5 lb large Pick-n-Peel)


Trays of Home Baked Goods Available

3 to 6 foot Hoagies Available

$16.00 & up per foot

Shad Roll Sandwiches $15.00 & up each

Conshohocken Pies $15.99

Tomato, White, White with Anchovies, Broccoli, Spinach

Breakfast Catering

Sausage Gravy with Fresh Baked Biscuits

Baked French Toast with Syrup Glaze

Scrambled Eggs with White Sauce
and Herbs

Ham, Mushroom, Bell Pepper, Onion and
Cheddar Cheese Strata

Ham, Ricotta and Cheddar Cheese Strata

Bacon, Swiss Cheese and Onion Strata


Bacon, Swiss and Cheddar Cheeses

Ham and Swiss Cheese

Caramelized Onion, Bacon and Sage

Red and Green Pepper, Mushroom, Bacon,
Cheddar Cheese and Sour Cream

Herbs, Swiss Cheese, Onion, Garlic
and Tomato

Mushroom, Onion, Red Pepper, Carrot and
Swiss Cheese

Herbs, Spinach, Mozzarella Cheese and Tomato

Spinach, Onion, Cheddar Cheese and Tomato



Homemade Sausage Patties

Sausage Links

Hash Browned Potatoes

Homemade Granola with Vanilla Yogurt

Baked Oatmeal

Baked Oatmeal with Apples, Raisins and Walnuts

Ambrosia Salad

Homemade Fruit Salad

Cold California Fruit Soup (Dried Fruit)

Fresh Fruit Tray

Whole Fruit Pieces

Sticky Buns, Funny Cake, or Shoofly Pie

Danish Pastries (Fruit and/or Cheese)

Assorted Fresh Baked Cookies

Assorted Fresh Baked Muffins

Bagels (Plain or Pumpernickel)

Fresh Baked Biscuits

Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Orange Juice,
Tomato Juice, Apple Juice

Call for Current Pricing



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